The Precautionary Principle will guide all standards and allowable materials. The Renegade label is granted to members who register and sign an affidavit to follow these three following guiding principles.

1. Wholesome food is grown and processed using sustainable, non-polluting methods as close as possible to those found in nature.

  • No artificial inputs in the form of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers
  • Growing methods that nourish and enrich the soil
  • Pest controls that are benign to the overall ecosystem
  • Genetic diversity is maintained, including wild plants and wildlife habitats
  • No genetically engineered seeds, plants, microorganisms or livestock
  • Animals raised using the highest standards of welfare
  • Animal feed that meets the principles of Renegade Network
  • Use of herbal or homeopathic remedies as first choice wherever possible
  • Renewable resources of energy used wherever possible
  • Packaging is recyclable wherever possible

2. Wholesome food is, wherever possible, consumed within a short distance of where it was grown.

  • Where possible, people should grow at least some of their own food
  • Close links should be encouraged between growers and consumers
  • Consumers, retailers and distributors give preference to food grown in their locality

3. Wholesome food is an integral part of life and community, rather than merely a commodity for profit.

  • Control over food supplies is in the hands of growers and consumers, not corporations
  • Food crops and growing methods take account of local growing conditions, local culture and local needs
  • Everyone involved in food production and processing is able to attain a quality of life which meets their basic needs and allows an adequate return and satisfaction from their work
  • Production, processing and distribution of food are socially just and ecologically responsible